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South Dakota Hops Growers & Malters

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6th Meridian Hops Yankton, SD Email
Dakota Challenger™, Chinook, Centennial, Neo1, Crystal
Papa's Hops Trent, SD Email Cascade, Chinook, Columbus, Nugget
Srstka Hops Farm Armour, SD Email  



Hops information from Michigan State University.

Hops information from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Hop Growers of America

A trade association focused on grower support through technical, scientific research; trade promotion and harmonization; educational outreach; expansion of industry and USDA statistics, and more. 

Minnesota Hops Growers Association

Formed in March 2013, the Minnesota Hop Growers Association (MHGA) has been established by growers, researchers, and other persons interested in Minnesota hop production.  

Nebraska Hops Growers Association

Aimed to promote the growth & use of Nebraska hops as a sustainable crop through education and shared resources for commercial & home brewer’s.

South Dakota Craft Brewers Guild

The breweries of South Dakota have joined together to promote the responsible production and enjoyment of craft beer. Includes more than 20 small and independent brewery members in the state.

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Information on the Craft Brewer Supported Bill- SB169.